[Biturbos4] '92 S4 original turbo

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Wed Aug 31 10:37:46 EDT 2005

Single Malt writes:
> Ti Kan wrote:
> > Actually the '92-94 S4 (and 95 S6) AAN engine's
> > torque curve is similar
> > to that of the biturbo S4's.  It also reaches its
> > peak low in the
> > sub-2000 range and maintains it throughout the
> > useful powerband.  It
> > uses a single K24 turbo instead of dual K03s.  While
> > it doesn't spool
> > quite as fast as the K03s it's not bad at all.
> That surprises me, I thought one of the real benefits
> of two smaller turbos was the torque band starting so
> early.

Well there are two issues at hand.  One is torque management, and
in each case the engine delivers wallops of torque everywhere.
Since the torque at low rpms is created by turbo boost, the second
issue is how quickly is this torque available when you step on it.
Here the dual K03s win because it could build boost faster.  The
2.7T's five valves per cylinder and long stroke design also helps
with the torque too.  Not that the old AAN engine is that far behind,

> You're just adding fuel to my desire to own a 95.5 S6
> ... now stop it! :) ... my wallet and my wife will
> thank you.

Lol.  Yeah, so many Audis, so little time... :)

Ti Kan
Vorsprung durch Technik

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