[Biturbos4] Turbos Reliability & Replacement Cost (was: 2000 S4

costco keman at interwolf.net
Wed Aug 31 12:07:51 EDT 2005

Understated or not, the peak torque at 1850 rpm is really what gives the
B5 it's speed IMO. That's more torque than the B6 S4 produces at that rpm
and it's got a considerably larger amount of displacement. That's the kind
of power that a big block musclecar V8 produces at that rpm...

My B5 was a lot faster when I opened up the exhaust, got rid of the
precats and the main cats. Not because it produced more horsepower or more
torque, (it wasn't chipped) but because the turbos spooled even faster
such that in 1st gear the power came on like a light switch, it almost
felt like a clutch dump when the turbos spooled that fast. I truely miss
that, my B6 S4 is nothing like it and 1st gear carries me past 40 mph...

The B6 is a great car, but I do want a B5 again. I'd like to find one
that's had some abuse and toss some parts at it. I'd LOVE to find my old
nogaro Avant. What's this about trying to recapture your past? :P

I'll say this to anyone considering getting rid of your B5 S4: DONT. Pay
it off, garage it, whatever. Just keep it, trust me. You may get another
car, but you WILL want to hold onto your current S4 because there is
nothing like it and if ya like them as much as I do, you'll sorely miss it
in short order no matter what car you replace it with.

My co-worker has an '01 S4 Sedan 6MT that I park my B6 next to, he
occasionally lets me drive to lunch .. that's how I've been sating my need
thus far... :)

- Keman

On Wed, 31 Aug 2005, Henry Nisiewicz wrote:

> All of which assumes that the B5 S4 has just 250 hp.
> Making comparisons in performance between the B5 A4 with the 2.8 l V-6, and
> the B5 RS-4, along with comparisons of other early 2000-1 cars with
> comparable horsepower and weight, leads me to believe that Audi understated
> the horsepower at 250. It probably is closer to 300 or 300+.  I've also
> gotten some unofficial agreement from people within Audi on that issue over
> the past several years.
> Hank
> '91 CQ
> '01 S4

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