[Biturbos4] Turbos Reliability & Replacement Cost (was: 2000 S4

Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Wed Aug 31 13:39:58 EDT 2005

I know exactly what you mean Keman, hence my reluctence to let my car go.  Having said that dumping money into an aging car is never a wise investment, it will not raise its value.  While my profession gives allows me for a decent living, common sense just dictates this isn't a good idea....  we'll see...

Anyways, here's another question, anyone know of any RS4s blowing their stock K04 turbos?  Just curious.


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Date: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 10:07 am
Subject: Re: [Biturbos4] Turbos Reliability & Replacement Cost (was: 2000 S4

> Understated or not, the peak torque at 1850 rpm is really what 
> gives the
> B5 it's speed IMO. That's more torque than the B6 S4 produces at 
> that rpm
> and it's got a considerably larger amount of displacement. That's 
> the kind
> of power that a big block musclecar V8 produces at that rpm...
> My B5 was a lot faster when I opened up the exhaust, got rid of the
> precats and the main cats. Not because it produced more horsepower 
> or more
> torque, (it wasn't chipped) but because the turbos spooled even faster
> such that in 1st gear the power came on like a light switch, it almost
> felt like a clutch dump when the turbos spooled that fast. I 
> truely miss
> that, my B6 S4 is nothing like it and 1st gear carries me past 40 
> mph...:(
> The B6 is a great car, but I do want a B5 again. I'd like to find one
> that's had some abuse and toss some parts at it. I'd LOVE to find 
> my old
> nogaro Avant. What's this about trying to recapture your past? :P
> I'll say this to anyone considering getting rid of your B5 S4: 
> DONT. Pay
> it off, garage it, whatever. Just keep it, trust me. You may get 
> anothercar, but you WILL want to hold onto your current S4 because 
> there is
> nothing like it and if ya like them as much as I do, you'll sorely 
> miss it
> in short order no matter what car you replace it with.
> My co-worker has an '01 S4 Sedan 6MT that I park my B6 next to, he
> occasionally lets me drive to lunch .. that's how I've been sating 
> my need
> thus far... :)
> - Keman
> On Wed, 31 Aug 2005, Henry Nisiewicz wrote:
> >
> > All of which assumes that the B5 S4 has just 250 hp.
> >
> > Making comparisons in performance between the B5 A4 with the 2.8 
> l V-6, and
> > the B5 RS-4, along with comparisons of other early 2000-1 cars with
> > comparable horsepower and weight, leads me to believe that Audi 
> understated> the horsepower at 250. It probably is closer to 300 
> or 300+.  I've also
> > gotten some unofficial agreement from people within Audi on that 
> issue over
> > the past several years.
> >
> > Hank
> >
> > '91 CQ
> > '01 S4
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