[Biturbos4] Bum Turbo??? Help me with the Gutless Wonder!

Adam Jansen aedan1 at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 31 20:27:39 EDT 2005

With all this talk about torque down low, it really has me wondering what is 
up with my 00 S4...

I was having problems with the potentiometer in the Throttle aways sending 
me into EPC, really wrecking havoc with my 'fun'.  SO I openned up the TB 
(even though bentley says no) and cleaned the contact runners for the 
throttle position sensors...

Well my car still doens't want to 'run' until I am up over 3KRPM - it is 
dead in the low power band.
Did the adaption on the TB, gettin 12.5% and 83.9% for the two readings on 
062 so I am within spec (although 87% is max openning reading on throttle).  
So it doesn't appear to be that causing my problem

Also did a boost leak test, no leaks that I could hear.  Interesting when I 
started the car afterwards I had a good deal of smoke for about 1.5 miles 
trailing behind me...
But still no leaks, so that shouldn't be it either...

How can I tell if one of my turbos has gone south and I am spooling on one 
turbo only?

is this somethinng Vag-Com can monitor?

I really miss the head snapping grunt on the low end and want to know where 
it went!

SPokane, WA
00 S4 59K miles

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