[Biturbos4] Hereditary Audi Disease?

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Thu Dec 1 15:26:50 EST 2005

This happens all the time...

My '01 had it happen arond 50k miles, and when it got cold, it got bad.

It's three torx screws behind the glove box and it'll come right out. At
least it was on my model. This seems to be a standard with other audi's
I've seen though.

I took my motor apart, used Caig Laboratories "De-Oxit" D5 (the pink can)
on the copper brush terminals, since they are the source of the noise and
not the bearings. With a few shots of that and a gentle wipe to get rid of
all the accumulated oxidized copper and gunk, I had the brush terminals
looking shiny and new.

After that, I applied some pink synthetic Mobil 1 HD bearing grease onto
the bearings. When I was done, the motor was as good as new, and when I
sold the car nearly 50k miles later, it was still dead quiet.

Sure beat the $150 or $180 or so that it would have cost to replace. Only
took about 2 hours all said and done.

I did use a 1/4" ratchet on the torx screws, as that was the only way I
could get my hand up there to remove them, a screwdriver would not have

- Keman

On Thu, 1 Dec 2005, mike mcclurg wrote:

> Hereditary Audi Disease?
> Car is an ’01 with 132,000 miles.
> I started getting a weird squeak when turning left
> sometimes. It was particularly noticeable in parking
> garages during 180 degree “hairpin” type turns. I was
> starting to become afraid of what might be going wrong
> with my steering/suspension. Since then the weather
> has turned colder and the squeak was showing up more
> frequently and sometimes during only slight left
> turns.
> I decided to try turning off the climate control.
> Presto – the squeak disappears instantly.
> Wasn’t this a characteristic failure of the cabin air
> temp fan in the old type 44’s?
> Anybody else have this problem? How hard is it to R&R
> this fan?
> How soon ‘til the door handles fail? (I hope this is
> just an inside joke for other former 5k, 100 and 200
> owners)
> Thanks,
> Mike

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