[Biturbos4] clunk clunk

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Thu Dec 1 16:04:00 EST 2005

Do the headlights flicker for a moment if it happens at night?

When taking off slowly, I remember my S4 frequently doing an ABS check,
where it'd shudder for a second, you could almost feel it through the
pedal but not quite. There was no rhyme or reason to it, it'd just happen
occasionally and I learned to spot it and recognize it as just.. the way
things were. :P

If this is it, the headlights flicker because it's a pretty hefty sudden
current draw. I seem to recall it did it worse when my battery was nearing
the end of it's life after being run dead a few times. Speaking of
batteries... see my next post.

- Keman

On Thu, 1 Dec 2005, Rich Shiba wrote:

> I know this is really vague, but lately my 2000 S4 does 2 very
> subtle clunks (from i'm guessing the transmission) when i start
> out from a stop.  Doesn't do it as accelerate in any other gears,
> only from a standing start (standard transmission).  It's pretty
> subtle, probably only something you'd notice if you drive it every
> day...i've already had one mechanic not be able to feel it.  Definitely
> something subtle thru the seat of the pants/steering/pedals kinda feel.
> At first i thought maybe the clutch was gonna slip, but again it's only
> when starting out and happens even with very gradual starts.  In fact
> it's probably easier to feel on mellow starts cuz the engine isn't
> buzzing as much...the car has 95k miles.
> Anyone have any thoughts about this?  I'm looking at a couple thousand
> dollars in service/repairs in the next month and i'm a bit worried
> that these 2 clunks are telling me i'll be needing more than that
> pretty soon... ;)
>        -rich

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