[Biturbos4] Window rolls down by itself? - or just my fractured imagination?

Single Malt s_malt at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 6 22:16:57 EST 2005

The last couple mornings I've gotten into my car in
the garage only to find the window on the passenger
side down.  I didn't recall rolling it down - but it
was too small a detail to worry about.

This evening, after enjoying snow covered back
mountain roads, I pulled up to my garage door and
waited for it to open.  The bitter sub-zero temps
blasting across my right leg and hand brought my
attention to the passenger window - completely down.

I'm certain I didn't hit the switch.

One main difference in the last few days has been a
thick snow cover on our driveway has allowed for a
nice tail-out turn through the hairpin switchback on
our driveway (ESP defeated).  There is a bit of a jolt
as the car settles into the *shallow* drainage trench
on my side of the driveway approaching the garage.  I
wouldn't call that jolt anything alarming - but it may
be relevant as I have a dim recollection of a severe
washboard road causing the window to drop once upon a

Could a jolt trigger the window to go down?  If so, is
this a mechanical failure or just a behavior of the mechamism?

Single Malt
'01.5 S4
Garaged at 9200ft
just outside Denver, CO

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