[Biturbos4] Window rolls down by itself? - or just my fracturedimagination?

j.koenig j.koenig at adelphia.net
Wed Dec 7 07:41:03 EST 2005

My first reaction is that it may have something to do with the torque-sensing, 
don't-close-on-your-child's-neck feature that lowers the window when it runs into 
something -- like some not-quite-right mechcanical adjustment that makes it think there's 
an obstacle when it's merely closed (and you hit a weird bump).  Seems like a long shot, 
though.  More likely an intermittant short somewhere that's triggering the window, but the 
auto-down feature makes it go all the way down any time it happens.

Not much help, I guess, just thinking...


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From: "Single Malt" <s_malt at yahoo.com>

Could a jolt trigger the window to go down?  If so, is this a mechanical failure or just a 
behavior of the mechamism?

Single Malt 

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