[Biturbos4] Window rolls down by itself? - or justmyfracturedimagination?

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Just to stir up the pot a little: 
  Why can't Audi just make a car that works right?
  I've had em all (well, almost all) -- 4000CSQ, 5000CSTQ, 200TQ, UrS4, S4 -- every one of them has had an issue with windows.
  Every one of them has cost me more money than I ever wanted to spend.
  Even my 88 911 was cheaper.
  Can anyone explain? Before I go and get another one?

Keman <keman at interwolf.net> wrote:
  Heh, hey... in this area, everyones thoughts have merit. It's all voodoo 

My rear windows on my B5 S4 occasionally would roll themselves back down 
when I was rolling them up. Which was usually at highway speeds, so 
everything would go from loud wind noise to no noise but then it'd get loud 
again.. and there would be a lot of buffetting from just the one rear 
window being down. I'd pull it up again and it wouldn't go away. Finally 
I'd -look- at it and it was going up and then going back down a few inches. 
The motor wasn't satisfied with how far it went up into the seal. Usually a 
couple trys would get it right when it was picky, other times it'd be fine.

My car was weird occasionally. I liked to start it up in the winter and let 
it idle while I took a shower. It liked to lock all the doors about 10 
minutes into the process. It's not supposed to do that... :P

First time that happened I started carrying around my wallet key .. and it 
got used on more than one occasion.

- Keman

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: Yeah, that's what I figured, but I just threw it out there anyway.
: On behalf of the whole list, thanks for your well-informed comments.
: John 

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