[Biturbos4] battery & sun roof closes itself

John Marshall Harrison JohnMH at uwyo.edu
Thu Dec 8 01:22:03 EST 2005

I just replaced the battery in my 2001.5 S4 Avant over Thanksgiving
weekend.  I was lucky enough to find one at a Casper, WY auto parts
store on a Saturday.  The original went nearly 4.5 years.  A quick check
of the electrolyte levels showed them essentially full - perhaps the
dealer had checked this at the regular services.  I consider 4 to 5
years to be an adequate battery service life although not the most I've
ever got out of one.

On the windows gremlins topic - my sun roof sometimes closes right after
I open the back slot.  This is annoying because I sometimes like to run
the feed to an amateur radio mag-mount antenna out through there - its
quite convenient weather permitting.  On a couple occasions I've had it
close for reasons I'm not completely sure of - squeezing my coaxial
antenna feed line in exactly the way I'd hoped to avoid.

Another topic - does anyone else get the engine check light in cold
temperatures indicating an emission control seal problem when read on
the Vag-Com?  Sometimes it resets itself, especially after re-fueling to
full.  I suspect its just the gas cap loosing its seal.  Should I be
suspecting anything more serious?  Cheers.

John M. Harrison  johnmh at uwyo.edu
Laramie, WY at 7200 feet  26 Deg F. below zero this morning - the S4
fired right up, but the drive train was a little on the stiff side on
the way to work.
Silver 2001.5 S4 Avant 6 speed 40k mi Dunlop winter sport tires

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Bill Neilsen writes:

> KUDOS to whomever gave the tip on the NON maintainence battery.  I 
> have a
> '01 with 45k and have noticed the battery acting a little suspect so I

> charged it before I got the tip.

> I just put between 12-14 oz in each cell.

> So is the battery pretty much shot and if so where is a good source 
> for a
> new one.  I noticed the '96 325 would only accept a BMW battery at
$175 a 
> pop.

If my experience is typical, then the battery won't be lasting much
longer.  The cells on my stock battery were half empty after about 3
years.  Refilling the cells revived it a bit, but that lasted only a few

I went out and got Diehard International.  I had no problems installing
it.  Getting all the plastic pieces off was the hardest part.

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