[Biturbos4] Fitting cruise control?

Al Smith awsm123 at optonline.net
Tue Feb 22 15:14:24 EST 2005

       If I had my way, no car would come with cruise control.  I think it 
is a completely unsafe feature. When the cruise control is on  it is a lot 
easier to talk on the cell phone, another big distraction.

      Cars should be driven.  I get pleasure out of accelerating, going 
through curves, braking.  My S4 makes me a better driver, because it 
stimulates my senses.  I feel safer to have one of these type cars around me 
than some "Saturn" kind of car where the driver most likely has the cruise 
on,  one hand is holding the cell, and the other hand on and off the 
steering wheel gesturing or holding a smoke.  Ok to do at home, but please 
do not do it driving next to me.

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