[Biturbos4] Andy Turner....(Uwe Ross / VAG-COM)

Richard Ness richard at nessnet.com
Wed Feb 23 11:25:27 EST 2005

I know much more than you would like me to.....
Were you successful in getting Yahoo to "un-moderate you"??
Did your 'free speech' argument hold any water?
Answer = NO (and you never will be un-moderated there again)
You are a whiner and have shown this before and again here now.
I fully support Uwe's (CONTINUED) decision to "moderate you".
But, if you ever do post "on topic" there, Uwe will gladly let these
future messages through.
Not worth my time to continue this discussion with you.

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> All of the main discussion's messages are still there,

No they're not and you simply *cannot know* whether they are or not.
Only Uwe knows how many messages of people's he deletes because he
doesn't like what they have to say. Uwe even retrospectively deleted
various messages of mine to remove all trace of various topics.

>> for all to read. Uwe did NOT moderate you in the way you infer below.

Yes, he did. I'd like you to state how *you* know just what messages
he moderated of mine. You can't have seen them, so *how* do you know?

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