[Biturbos4] Fitting cruise control?

Al Smith awsm123 at optonline.net
Wed Feb 23 11:31:50 EST 2005

            Ok.. I came on a little harsh.  Here in the USA there are a lot 
of people set the cruise and hang out in the fast lane and fall asleep 
oblivious to what is around them.

        I went to Italy last year and was impressed how they drive on the 
autostrada.  You pass and immediately get back into the right lane.  Wish I 
had rented something better than 1.3 liter Corsa, At first it is a little 
unnerving to have a Alfa blow by you at 120mph +.  I got caught out in the 
fast land at about 85mph and paid the price by a tailgating Audi.

        Good law in the UK.  We have some states with handsfree laws, but 
not where I live.  It drives me nuts to be around a big SUV weaving down the 
street while the "driver" talks on the cell.

        You did come up with a legitimate reason to have cruise control.  I 
have noticed the "creeping effect" when driving the S4.

Al Smith  Norwalk, CT  awsm123 at optonline.net
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>>       If I had my way, no car would come with cruise control.  I think it
>>is a completely unsafe feature. When the cruise control is on  it is a lot
>>easier to talk on the cell phone, another big distraction.
>>      Cars should be driven.  I get pleasure out of accelerating, going
>>through curves, braking.  My S4 makes me a better driver, because it
>>stimulates my senses.  I feel safer to have one of these type cars around 
>>than some "Saturn" kind of car where the driver most likely has the cruise
>>on,  one hand is holding the cell, and the other hand on and off the
>>steering wheel gesturing or holding a smoke.  Ok to do at home, but please
>>do not do it driving next to me.
> I don't smoke and I have a bluetooth handsfree phone system (handsfree
> systems are the law in the UK - hold a phone to your ear and you get
> pulled over). I figured that cruise would simply help to stop my speed
> creeping up....as it tends to do. In that way, it would be a safety
> feature.
> andyt
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