[Biturbos4] VAG-COM

Andy Turner andy at palomar.demon.co.uk
Wed Feb 23 12:10:36 EST 2005

On Wed, 23 Feb 2005 08:25:21 -0800, "Richard Ness"
<richard at nessnet.com> wrote:

>I know much more than you would like me to.....

LOL! What exactly would I not like you to know?! I have nothing to
hide (well, nothing regarding this anyway!). I look forward to your

>Were you successful in getting Yahoo to "un-moderate you"??

I never asked them to.

>Did your 'free speech' argument hold any water?
>Answer = NO 

I barely followed it through. I got one automated response that showed
that they hadn't read my message properly (if at all). I think they
suggested I started another group or spoke to the moderator. I tried
to clarify it, but not long after that I realised that I didn't really
care about the list (see below) and never followed it up.

> (and you never will be un-moderated there again)

I believe I already am, albeit under a different name. It's tricky to
tell of course.

>You are a whiner and have shown this before and again here now.

Err.... right.. So what's worse Richard - someone having a genuine
complaint about something, or someone "whining" about that person
expressing that complaint?

>I fully support Uwe's (CONTINUED) decision to "moderate you".
>But, if you ever do post "on topic" there, Uwe will gladly let these
>future messages through.

So I believe, but my interest in doing so has waned massively as a
result. I had various ideas/suggestions for moving the product forward
but I just found myself not wanting to get involved. I'm a programmer
by trade and there are various things I could do - plug-ins,
interfaces etc.. but I really lost interest. I find myself doing other

>Not worth my time to continue this discussion with you.

Then why did you start?!

I notice that in saying this, you've managed to neatly avoid those
tricky questions from my last post. Still they'll not go away quietly,
here they are again:

"In what way was I being obtuse? Do you have an example of this? Is
having a different opinion considered being obtuse?"

"Yes, he did. I'd like you to state how *you* know just what messages
he moderated of mine. You can't have seen them, so *how* do you know?"

And of course, all the other points I made...


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