[Biturbos4] New S4?

Grant gfl1 at optonline.net
Sun Jan 2 19:06:23 EST 2005

I assume by trackrod ends you mean either lower control arms (the only 
front suspension recall of which I'm aware) or tie rod ends.  probably 
the later.

Iff (that's "if and only if") there was no play in the tie rods, and 
iff they can measure the exact number of turns (the tie rod screws into 
the tie rod end by MANY threads, which is how you adjust toe), then 

I, on the other hand, just had both replaced and they did a toe 
adjustment, although not a full 4-wheel alignment.

"They", in my case, was not the dealer.

Pls forward info on the failing tierod recall (if that's what it is).  
I bet lots of us would like reimbursement :-)

Hope Germany was enjoyable,

On Jan 2, 2005, at 5:24 PM, mike wrote:

> Re the dealer/diy cam belt question....I'm spending
> christmas in germany so had it done at a dealer over
> here...both belts, all the idlers etc, WP and cam and
> crank oil seals
> they also picked up that the car was due a recall for
> failing trackrod ends so changed both arms at no extra
> cost but didn't do a wheel alignment...I think they
> should have, they say audi allow the arms to be
> changed without an alignment
> Any views on this?
> Cheers & happy new year to all
> Mike
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