[Biturbos4] Rear caliper pistons on B5

northrup northrup at crazybug.com
Sun Jan 2 21:24:54 EST 2005


Yes. I have run into this on my 2000 S4.  I started with one of those 
cheesy brake tools, and stopped for fear of causing problems.

I consulted my "mechanic friend" who recommended this tool:

Upon getting this item, i had the rear brakes changed out in minutes, and 
avoided any damage.   

There are some other sites who sell tools for the job such as this:

but they are single use, and i might want to use a brake tool on another 
marque sometime.

-wilson '00S4 + some other non audi cars that have brakes too.

On Sun, 2 Jan 2005, Jonathan Conta wrote:

> Apologies ahead of time if this has been covered - I'm new to the list.
> I spent a day this past week swapping out my stock pads (2000 S4 otherwise currently unmodified - yet....) for some Mintex "red box" pads, both front and rear.
> When changing the rear pads I was able to get the stock pads out without a problem, but when I went to compress the caliper pistons to fit the new ones in, I had a hell of a time getting them to retract back into the caliper.  I bought one of those pad compressor tools at Pep Boys and nearly ruined the thing putting so much torque on it pushing the pistons back in.
> Has anyone else run into this?  Or am I staring some sticky/about-to-freeze caliper pistons in the face?  I did eventually get them back in and the new pads on, and I must say my initial experiences with the Mintex pads have been outstanding - much more even braking, less "grabby" than the stock pads, and significantly less brake dust.
> Thanks much,
> Jon
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