[Biturbos4] Audi screws up

Stephenson step88 at kc.rr.com
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Although I haven't had my 2000 S4 since new, I did have it into our local
Kansas City dealership a couple of times before the warranty expired and
several times since.  I have always had good luck.  The first time I took it
in, the head mechanic actually came out to introduce himself to me.

Furthermore, my car's original owner told me that he had no problem getting
his local dealer to spring for Mobil 1 on the oil changes.  

There are some good dealers out there. 


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Remarkable how service varies from dealer to dealer. I bought my 01 S4 Avant
from Carousel Audi in Minnepolis, MN. The entire experience including after
purchase service has been the best in my 50 years of driving. They responded
efficiently and thoroughly to all of my requests, gave me free or reduced
cost service and parts even when it clearly was not covered by warranty.
Always completed service on time and accurately with free loaner  vehicles.
They never uttered any words that even suggeted that they didn't have my
best interest in mind. Their facility is fabulous and spotless and their
staff from top to bottom was always courteous and accomodating. Follow up
calls from the dealership to determine my level of satisfaction happened on
a regular basis. To bad all dealers were this effective in satisfying their

'01 S4 Avant
'72 Karmann ghia convertible
Quincy Chiang <b5quattro at shaw.ca> wrote:

>> I'm in the process of being courted by this publicly
>> traded company to be their ceo.  and they have agreed
>> to give me a company car under $60k.  guess what, audi
>> will be left in the cold.
>> bmw and merc are my choice and in that order.  i will
>> get a korean car before audi.  and i think you've made
>> the right choice too!  it is not that their car is
>> bad, but their service leaves a lot to be desired. 
>> and this is true for aoa as well.
>Perhaps, but I've read just as many horror stories from BMW and M-B
dealers, because their overly complicated electronics keep on crapping out.
I hear the 7-series has become one of the most lemmoned cars out there, and
M-B has been suffering from a steady increase of warranty claims mostly
related to their electronics, and has been loosing sales and more
importantly loyal customers.
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