[Biturbos4] Diffirences between 2000, 2001 and 2002 ?

Grant gfl1 at optonline.net
Sun Jan 16 20:48:48 EST 2005

I'll let others list the myriad small differences between '00 and later 
cars, but below is some stuff I sent previously when someone asked 
"what are the problem areas".

As to "00 vs "01-03, the main deltas I know of are:
-01+ had bigger turbo oil feed and returns
-01+ had aluminum mirror housings
-01+ had stability control
-00 had higher proportion of aluminum in suspension

Following is the "paste in" of my previous post. Note that the biturbo 
S4 is a MUCH more complicated care than either of your current ones.  
You can read that as "expensive to fix if it breaks".  e.g.: 
replacement engines and trannys are both north of $10k.  So don;t break 
'em :-)

=================start past in==========================
Mine's been pretty good.  Very solid car.
The turbos are a costly, fragile part however.  For starters, there are 
two.  They need to be replaced in pairs, supposedly.  Replacement 
requires engine removal, so its costly.  On the other hand, Audi has 
equipped it for longevity. The turbos are water-cooled, and there is an 
after-run pump to keep H2O circulating after you shut it off.

There is no maintenance possible per se, btu precautions that apply to 
ANY turbo car:

1. Easy when its cold
2. Cool it down before shutting the engine off
3. Use synthetic oil, which resists coking at the higher temperatures 
that exist at the turbo
4. Change it frequently, I do it ~5k with Mobil 1

Problem with a used one is "what did the previous owner, who didn;t 
plan to keep it long anyway, do?".  frequently, not much.  Audi does 
NOT pay for synthetic in 6-cyl turbos, so it got regular oil for the 
first 50k, unless the owner carried a bag of mobil 1 to the dealer 
twice a year (like I did).  Did he cool it down?  Warm it up?
You'll just have to feel out the owner and hope for the best.  Do 
listen for excessive whining under load ( a bad sign).

Other than that, the timing belt service is a bit costly, and should be 
done at (let the debates begin) ~75k.  Figure $900-1500, depending on 
who does it, with the water pump, thermostat, idler and tensioner all 
at the same time.

Tie rods fail early, as do some control arms.  Life goes on.

Despite all this, the car has been very solid.  Heavy duty throughout.  
20mpg "normal", with 25+ on the highway.

Oh, yea, tune ups are a bear for the DIY, but do-able. Also, careful of 
the 17" wheels with 45-series tires.  They bend.  You can get 16' on 
for snows, but only a select few 16" will clear the big brakes.

Mine now has 73k, no rattles, burns almost no oil, no major repairs 
save the tie-rods and a couple control arms.  And once done, it drove 
*like new*.

On Jan 16, 2005, at 7:53 PM, sub wrote:

> Hello every one,
> I am considering a Bi-Turbo S4 (2.7, V6, manual only) and would like 
> some input if there are any differences between the three model years.
> If I do get it, I will also be looking to chip it, upgrade the 
> intercooler and exhaust, and perhaps the brakes if they will not be 
> enough :-)
> I live in Canada, so and I want the car as a winter and summer 
> driver....
> Also any pitfalls, and any problems to look for.
> Any other comments are most welcome
> Just for reference currently I own:
> 1993 90 CSQ (V6-12v) 5sp
> 2001 A4 1.8TQ Auto
> thanks
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