[Biturbos4] Snow Tires

Grant gfl1 at optonline.net
Sun Jan 23 11:38:52 EST 2005

Hello all,

I need to get snow wheels/tires for a 2002 S6 avant.  I know this is 
not the S6 group, but a few questions anyway:

1. Is there an S6 list?
2. What do people know about hankook tires?
     Particularly the W300 V-rated snow tire?
3. Any opinions on 17 vs 16" tires for the S6 for snow?
I always went "-1" before, but the ride on my S4 has been,
oddly enough, much more jiggly with my 205/55-16 (H) michelin Pilot 

(I'm thinking single oversize of either 215/55-16 or 235-45-17;
the oversize to give a bit more sidewall height to protect
the delicate wheels from potholed-and-iced winter roads)

What I know for sure is that W-rated 255/40s are not usable during the 


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