[Biturbos4] Snow Tires

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Sun Jan 23 19:51:22 EST 2005

The rule of thumb is that winter tires should be narrower...idea is that 
the narrower tire will sink more and penetrate down to the more solid stuff.

Now when it comes to tires
these are the only winter tires I can recomend, I have driven on many 
diffirent winter tires and so far nothing can compare to hakkas 
(hakkapeliitta 2), without studs these are awsome tires BUT with Quattro 
and studs, driving on ice, snow, slush, or any combination of these, is 
mearly just another drive on a rainy day !

(no I do not own nokian stock :-)

Grant wrote:

> Hello all,
> I need to get snow wheels/tires for a 2002 S6 avant.  I know this is 
> not the S6 group, but a few questions anyway:
> 1. Is there an S6 list?
> 2. What do people know about hankook tires?
>     Particularly the W300 V-rated snow tire?
> 3. Any opinions on 17 vs 16" tires for the S6 for snow?
> I always went "-1" before, but the ride on my S4 has been,
> oddly enough, much more jiggly with my 205/55-16 (H) michelin Pilot 
> Alpins
> (I'm thinking single oversize of either 215/55-16 or 235-45-17;
> the oversize to give a bit more sidewall height to protect
> the delicate wheels from potholed-and-iced winter roads)
> What I know for sure is that W-rated 255/40s are not usable during the 
> winter!
> Thanks,
> Grant
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