[Biturbos4] Cost and DIY instructions for Turbo Install?

MattOVR6 at aol.com MattOVR6 at aol.com
Mon Jan 24 11:24:05 EST 2005

S4 List--

I have a good feeling that one of my turbos is on it's way out.  The car is a 2000 S4 with 77,000 miles.  It's got the high pitched whistling sound sometimes, but it holds boost ok.  Spikes to 1 bar, holds about 12-13 psi.  The car still runs good and is fast.  I have an APR chip, and I also have a Neuspeed exhaust.

I'm thinking about replacing the turbos as a summer project.  Here is my dilemma-- I think I can replace them myself, but I'd like to see a play by play of how to do it to determine whether I can or not.  I know you have to pull the engine, but is there a way to hoist it off it's motor mounts, replace the turbochargers and put it back down, without having to remove the tranny, wiring, etc etc.?

I will probably replace them with K03s again, or K03/K16s.  I don't want to have to change the downpipes, intake tubes, fueling, injectors, MAF, etc if I can help it.  I turbocharged a Jetta VR6 and had nothing but problems with it, and don't want to do that again.  I want to keep it simple, relatively inexpensive, and have it be reliable and fast.  Are there any K03s with trims that can be efficient at 18-20 psi? 

I want to keep this car for another 5 years.

Any advice for me?  Sorry for the long, drawn out story...

Thanks for the help!

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