[Biturbos4] Dashboard center display

John M. Harrison johnmh at uwyo.edu
Sat Jan 29 21:58:48 EST 2005

I've had very good results with a contact cleaning and preserving 
product called DeoxIT from Caig Laboratories.   This is the first thing 
I try on electrical and electronic connectors, switches, relay contacts, 
light bulb sockets, computer edge connectors, etc.  Given the plethora 
of such connectors on modern automobiles, this is a good thing to have 
handy and try first before resorting to more extreme and potentially 
expensive diagnosis and repair.  Its available at electronic shops or 
from the Caig website at www.caig.com.  Contains no CFCs and doesn't eat 
or stain plastics or leave much messy residue - overspray pretty much 
evaporates away, so you can hose things down that you can't get to 
easily, for example the turn signal contacts in the steering column.  
Comes with a flexible plastic tube about 5" long that you can attach to 
the aerosol nozzle to get it into hard to reach places.  This is how I 
use it most of the time.  Highly recommended.  No, I don't work for them 
or gain anything by this recommendation - just a very satisfied 
customer.  Cheers and happy motoring.

John M. Harrison  Laramie, Wyoming
2001.5 S4 Avant 6 speed silver stock loaded 35k miles
still lovin' it - a definite keeper   

David Kavanagh wrote:

>>From my experience on my '91 200q20v, the center display did require
>some R&R. I started by re-soldering many of the connections in the
>dash and display PC boards. I also disassembled the display module and
>removed the display and interconnects (those little elasomer strips).
>Once I re-assembled everything, the display worked fine.
>I had a similar problem with the LCD display on a Fluke multi-meter. I
>did the dis-assemble, re-assemble thing with the display (and the
>elastomer connectors), and it worked great after that.
>On Sat, 29 Jan 2005 17:35:39 -0500, Grant <gfl1 at optonline.net> wrote:
>>The center display (where the radio, temp, etc is displayed) is washing
>>out and beginning to miss pixels and/or entire lines.  I believe this
>>is an LCD display, so there's no bulb involved.
>>Does this sound like a failing voltage regulator?  If so, is it fairly
>>easy to get at?  Anyone know how or have any tricks for me?
>>Car is an '00 S4.
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