[Biturbos4] Alternative Boost Gauge Tap-in Location

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Sun Jul 10 03:26:15 EDT 2005

I've tapped into manifold pressure before & after the N249 (DV control valve). It requires re-plumbing the existing hoses - fairly time consuming process. Because the hoses are not long in length and need to be spliced and replaced with new vacuum line and a tee (to hook up to your AWE gauge). It worked for me when I disconnected the N249 to get better DV response at part throttle. Only problem - the N249 is on of the ECU's fail-safe mechanisms to reduce turbo failure (allows the ECU to manipulate the DVs in the case of a major boost leak) - just like "limp mode". Good luck.

Quincy Chiang <b5quattro at shaw.ca> wrote:
Hi everyone,

I need to replace the vacuum line on my AWE boost gauge, and I want to change the tap in location from the fuel pressure regulator to the intake manifold pressure. This is because a leak at the existing tap in point can cause the car to run lean, not a good thing at all. So my question is where is the intake manifold pressure line? Thanks for any help!!

'01.5 S4
'90 CoupeQ

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