[Biturbos4] 2K S4 Cluster with lines also

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>                    Love this car, but little things I find annoying:
>                                    . trip computer-- little info and 
> inaccurate

Hey Al,

I had a 1993 S4 and it wasn't any more accurate, although it did allow
you to display the turbo boost.  Just like any gauge though, once you
understand how "reality" relates to what the gauge is reading, it's

>                                    . quick down windows -- 
> would like to be 
> able to control this

How?  I was under the impression that this feature could be disabled via

>                                    . HVAC-- would like to be able to 
> manually control this

Well, on ECONOMY mode, the A/C won't come on and in AUTO mode, it comes
on when it's warmer than your temperature set point, so I suppose you
can turn on/off your A/C that way.  The fan speed is easily adjusted -
in fact, when you manually select it, AUTO mode is immediately turned
off.  Do you need more than this?


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