[Biturbos4] 2K S4 Cluster with lines also

Al Smith awsm123 at optonline.net
Tue Jul 12 11:50:43 EDT 2005

               Thanks on auto down/up.  I was able to get disabled coming 
up.. but not down.  Not a big deal, at least now can close the window where 
I want it, rather than  chasing it both directions.  I drove me crazy having 
to hit the button twice in order to stop the dang thing.

               Which reminds me, my local dealer refuses to program to allow 
all doors open with one touch of the opener, rather than two touches.  Says 
it is not possible.  Gee, had this fixed on my Grand Cherokee.

               Concern the HVAC.  One thing I used to do in the winter when 
the heater starts to make me sleepy is to open the windows.  Cool air coming 
in the windows, heat still coming on at same rate.  This thing wants to come 
on strong because it is sensed that is  too cool.  Oh for simpler times.

                I also think cruise control  should be dis-allowed.  Sure it 
keeps you from speeding, but it also makes you disconnected from driving.  I 
guess I dislike all of these automatic things.

Al Smith   Norwalk, CT
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> One step further--
> auto down/up can be disabled. just disconnect your battery for a few
> minutes.
> Until "pinch protection" gets reprogrammed by holding the down and up
> positions after the window stops moving for 1-2 seconds, the windows will
> function "normally" ... so when you push the button as soon as you 
> release-
> it stops moving.
> - Keman
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> :
> :
> : > > . quick down windows -- would like to be able to control this
> :
> : > How?  I was under the impression that this feature could be disabled 
> via
> : > VAG COM.
> :
> : the window can be controlled the fillowing ways, *without* vag-com.
> :
> : * Press the button once and release, the window goes all the way down.
> :
> : * Press the button, hold it.... then release.  The window stops moving
> : when  the button is relased.
> :
> : * Press the button once and release... then press it again before the
> : window has gone all the way down.  the window will stop.
> :
> :
> : What type of additional control do you seek?
> :
> : wilson
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