[Biturbos4] 40k service

s127wood at bellsouth.net s127wood at bellsouth.net
Thu Jul 21 14:46:44 EDT 2005

Hey folks.

I had my 40k service done on my 2002 S4 Avant today.  They changed plugs, filters, etc.  Interestinly, they asked if I wanted the tires rotated and I said "sure".  Well, then they said it would be 19.95, as it isn't covered under warranty - I said no thanks I'll do it myself.  Seems like a simple thing they could do while on the rack without charging you for it.  I know they did it for me one time at a service when I asked them to and they didn't charge.  Oh well, maybe it was the person writing it up.

While they were doing the service, they told me the rear brake pads were worn to the point they needed to be replaced (could easily rotate the tires now, since the rears are off - but they didn't offer) and they said the fronts were "almost" worn to the same point and I would need to bring the car in again when the sensors tell me the fronts are done??  They said it might be a couple thousand miles.....   I don't know about all of you, but if I am them, I am saying they are worn and changing them to save a customer another trip to the stealer, I mean dealer....

First time commenting on list - been a lurker for a while and would like to join in on the mod train soon.  From Charlotte, NC - any others?

Scott Wood

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