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Nicholas Mistry nick at mistry.com
Mon Jul 25 11:54:45 EDT 2005

Its definitely the dealer.   In my experience, the dealer can make or 
break a persons experience with their car.   When i lived in Boston, and 
had all my service done by Clair Audi, it was amazing how much extra 
they did to keep me happy.   At one point they even let me borrow some 
tools..   Anytime i wanted my tires rotated, checked, filled, they would 
do it.. free of charge, and w/o waiting.

Once i moved to San Antonio, TX   Cavender Audi does everything to make 
sure you don't come back.   I was charged over $60 to simply use my own 
oil in an oil change.   They said "it costs us more money to use your 
oil".   And heaven forbid if i ask these guys to rotate my tires.   They 
were going to charge me $200 for them to do it. 

I wish that someday Audi wises up to the fact that there is such  a 
discrepancy in quality between their dealers.   I know for a fact that 
if I had to deal w/ Cavender as my first Audi service rep, i would never 
buy another Audi again.   

Fortunately that isnt the case!


Aurangzeb M. Agha wrote:

>Hi Scott --
>Welcome to the list.
>I've found that my dealer tends to be pretty flakey as well.  If you've 
>got the car on the damn rack, just do it for free.  What I can't figure 
>out is if this penny-pinching attitude is driven by Audi or the dealership 
>itself.  I have a feeling it's the latter.
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