[Biturbos4] 40k service

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Mon Jul 25 13:00:34 EDT 2005

Howard Cooper audi in Michigan actually would store their customers winter
tires/wheels and swap them for a small fee with an appointment when the
weather turned cold enough. Unfortunately they ran out of space and had to
discontinue that offering. But the storage was free.

> tools..   Anytime i wanted my tires rotated, checked, filled, they would
> do it.. free of charge, and w/o waiting.
> Once i moved to San Antonio, TX   Cavender Audi does everything to make
> sure you don't come back.   I was charged over $60 to simply use my own
> oil in an oil change.   They said "it costs us more money to use your
> oil".   And heaven forbid if i ask these guys to rotate my tires.   They
> were going to charge me $200 for them to do it.

Utterly ridiculous.

> I wish that someday Audi wises up to the fact that there is such  a
> discrepancy in quality between their dealers.   I know for a fact that
> if I had to deal w/ Cavender as my first Audi service rep, i would never
> buy another Audi again.

That is the case, and dealers do realize it. Weather or not they choose to
do something about it is another matter.

At Audi of Alexandria, VA, I got the usual phone inquery a couple of weeks
after having my 05 S4 Avant get it's 5k maint done (03+ get their first
maint at 5k, then 10k and every 10k afterwards). I was happy to give them
5's on everything. I did note that they had no loaners available. They
would have given me one, but all were taken and it WAS on a friday. It was
completed before the end of the day and they shuttled me to and from work.

I know this dealer does sometimes get a bad rep about some things on
audiworld, but quite honestly when I got my car back I was floored. I had
forgotten what it was like to drop a car off that looked like crap (I'd
been tracking a lot of dirt and stuff inside the car and procrastinating
cleaning it out), and picking it up looking like it could sit on the show
room. Those Avus rims really take some cleaning but when you get them
spotless, they are spectacular looking. Everything had been done great,
and while my car is only a few months old it felt brand spanking new
again. I've not worked for the audi dealer for.... whee.. a year and a
half now, guys. I've forgotten a lot. :P

- Keman

> Fortunately that isnt the case!
> -N

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