[Biturbos4] Cold Weather running rough?

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Mon Jul 25 14:11:23 EDT 2005

So can you say now what the problem was and how was it fixed ?

Keman wrote:

>Btw guys, I'll let you in on a little secret. It's been 18 months since I
>worked for the audi dealer so.. I'm not too worried about letting this
>In short, the reason why I clammed up about the whole modifying the ECU to
>run better in the cold, is that I was confronted and had to sign a legal
>document stating that I would keep that information confidential. There
>are a lot of legalities between the EPA and AoA. This was brought on by
>myself, not anyone on the list ... I just pushed too deeply inside Audi
>and I guess the wrong people caught on to what I was trying to distribute.
>Sorry that I couldn't be more helpful getting the whole cold-start
>condition cleared up.
>Any service bulletins that once existed which detailed instructions on how
>to recode the ECU for the better cold-weather operation have since been
>eliminated. All documentation that techs had was destroyed. It was never
>anything that was very official in the first place, the information was
>shared at audi training classes as hand-outs that techs just kept under
>their hat as methods that could be used to keep the customers happy.
>- Keman
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