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mike mcclurg rrrrraudi at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 26 11:16:04 EDT 2005

Thanks, very informative.
Actually, cupping may have been a bad choice of words
on my part. What is really happening is that one edge
of each section of tread on the inside edge is wearing
unevenly. What you get is a raised edge next to a worn
edge all around the tire. So it kind of looks like
little steps. You actually feel them with your hand,
more than see them. And then you feel them running one
way and not the other. Kind of hard to explain.

--- FChapp at aol.com wrote:

> Although I no longer do alignments, and not on newer
> Audis at all,  tire 
> cupping is due to one of three things:
> 1. balance
> 2. shocks
> 3 worn suspension components.
> inside tire wear is due to improper camber,
> (negative), or due to  toe out. 
> Alignment angles will not cause cupping, although,
> if you remove rubber  
> unevenly due to misalignment, it will cause a tire
> to become unbalanced. 
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