[Biturbos4] Unholy smoke

Grant gfl1 at optonline.net
Thu Jul 28 22:22:33 EDT 2005

I think this is what keman meant below, but the word "interesting" 
sometimes doubles for "strange", which i dont necessarily find it.

If a guide or seal goes its fairly normal to blow smoke only after it 
sits.  once running, the slow seepage is burned off and invisible (but 
bad for your cat).  But over night or whatever it sorta pools and 
becomes noticeable.

I'd check the water for oil and vice-versa immediately.  If they are 
clean, you're safe from a head, gasket or other major leak.  Why would 
they go "suddenly" - dunno.

>> That it only does it on cold startup is interesting. Could be a valve
>> guide seal. If it is, it'll blow smoke right after you let off the gas
>> while driving as the high vacuum sucks oil from the valve covers into 
>> the
>> intake ports.
Once its bad enough, yes.

Could anything be pulled through the PCV?  I'm not familiar enough to 


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