[Biturbos4] FS : high mileage nogaro with strange . . .

T Stifler tstifler at att.net
Fri Jul 29 23:15:32 EDT 2005

That's great for those of us that think we need that B6/7. You're making me
feel all the better about my old B5.  What, you miss the turbo feel or is it
too civilized . . .?
Hehehe.. yeah I'm still around. Maybe in hopes that some day someone
subscribes to the list saying they got a high mileage nogaro wagon that
has the strangest wiring they've ever seen on the O2 sensors. :P
At this point if I could buy back my B5 S4 for a little less than what I
sold it for, I -would- do that. :P Probably no chance of ever finding it
though.. *sigh*
- Keman
> Oops.  Looks like my attempt to attach the old message was pruned.
> Anyway, I see Keman has answered and it matches what he said in his
> original message.
> --
> Steven


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