[Biturbos4] FS : high mileage nogaro with strange . . .

Grant gfl1 at optonline.net
Sat Jul 30 13:25:26 EDT 2005

What kind of "stuff" concerns you?  How have you treated it?
Mine's gone 78k happy miles with no sign of major mechanical failure - 
(unless you count a tie rod end and one control arm bushing).

On Jul 30, 2005, at 1:12 PM, Bill Neilsen wrote:

> I have an 01.5 S4 and decided it was time for a change. It has about 
> 42 k miles.
> I went out and drove the infiniti FX45 and the G35 coupe, also an 
> avant S4.
> I have Stratmosphere DV's, ABT, stoptech since it was new.
> I was really in the mood for a new vehicle. Nothing seemed even 
> remotly stimulating,
> I drove home slump shouldered with a frown. My wife new car permission 
> slip sitting beside me.
> Any suggestions. I really do love this car even more now, but I know 
> "stuff" is coming that will need repair.
>                              Bill
>> That's great for those of us that think we need that B6/7. You're 
>> making me
>> At this point if I could buy back my B5 S4 for a little less than 
>> what I
>> sold it for, I -would- do that. :P Probably no chance of ever finding 
>> it
>> though.. *sigh*
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