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Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Sat Jul 30 14:44:17 EDT 2005

Hi Bill and all,

I'm in the same boat, except I don't have a wife to give me permission slip ;-)  I've looked and test driven a few cars, nothing Japanese or American really interests me, so it's back to the Europeans, well more like Germans.  I drove the e46 M3 in both manual and SMG, while I liked it a lot, (don't like SMG though, takes away the enjoyment of rolling gears myself), I didn't impress me enough to make me want one badly (plus I can't afford one anyways).  My S4 (with Stasis Tracksport c/o) can do 90% of what it can do, and it'll be just as expensive to fix if not more when warranty runs out, so why bother.  The Volvo S60R is ok, but not as good as the B5-S4.  I don't like automatics and M-B, so no AMG for me.  I guess the B5-S4 is such a complete car that it's hard to find anything to replace it after owning one.

Just as I thought there's nothing out there, the Mini Cooper S found me.  It's slower than my car and other performance Euro sport sedans/coupes (think Audi S, BMW M, Volvo R...), but it's quick enough and it's so damn engaging to drive.  It's a pretty expensive car for its size, but I don't think there's anything out there in its price range that's as much fun to drive and has as much character.  So after test driving it 4 times, I ordered one and it should be here in less than 2 weeks.

I've got a serious local buyer for my S4 lined up already, and we'll finalize the details when he gets back from vacation next week.  But I keep going back and forth between the 2 cars, I think the B5-S4 is one of last great turbo quattros produced by Audi that's relatively small and nimble.  The RS6 is great but I wouldn't call it engaging with an auto and being that big and heavy.  It won't be easy for me to let go, if only the car were less prone to expensive repairs (ie. turbos) I'd keep her for as long as possible.  So it's a 95% done deal, and I continue to ponder on this for the next week...

'01.5 S4 - gone soon? 
'90 CoupeQ - keeper

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From: Bill Neilsen <wneils at hotmail.com>
Date: Saturday, July 30, 2005 11:12 am
Subject: RE: [Biturbos4] FS : high mileage nogaro with strange . . .

> I have an 01.5 S4 and decided it was time for a change. It has 
> about 42 k 
> miles.
> I went out and drove the infiniti FX45 and the G35 coupe, also an 
> avant S4.
> I have Stratmosphere DV's, ABT, stoptech since it was new.
> I was really in the mood for a new vehicle. Nothing seemed even 
> remotly 
> stimulating,
> I drove home slump shouldered with a frown. My wife new car 
> permission slip 
> sitting beside me.
> Any suggestions. I really do love this car even more now, but I 
> know "stuff" 
> is coming that will need repair.
>                              Bill
> >That's great for those of us that think we need that B6/7. You're 
> making me
> >>
> >At this point if I could buy back my B5 S4 for a little less than 
> what I
> >sold it for, I -would- do that. :P Probably no chance of ever 
> finding it
> >though.. *sigh*
> >
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