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This must be contagious. I've been in the same slump about my S4, and not being able to find anything as exhilarating to replace it with.   I've got 81k on my 2000 Nogaro S4,and have had the ABS module and Instrument cluster both go bad (which I have still fix both).

I've been driving a bunch of cars, and nothing does it for my like my S4.  I've driven the G35 coupe (which I did like), Evo8, STI, G35 Sedan, looked at an M3 (Great car, but OUCH $45k+)
Mayb I'll go drive a Mini Copper S.  I may end up getting into a G35 coupe and having to make some sacrifices power and grip wise.  Hmmpf.
I feel your frustration..
00 SFo
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I have an 01.5 S4 and decided it was time for a change. It has about 42 k miles. 
I went out and drove the infiniti FX45 and the G35 coupe, also an avant S4. 
I have Stratmosphere DV's, ABT, stoptech since it was new. 
I was really in the mood for a new vehicle. Nothing seemed even remotly stimulating, 
I drove home slump shouldered with a frown. My wife new car permission slip sitting beside me. 
Any suggestions. I really do love this car even more now, but I know "stuff" is coming that will need repair. 
>That's great for those of us that think we need that B6/7. You're making me 
>At this point if I could buy back my B5 S4 for a little less than what I 
>sold it for, I -would- do that. :P Probably no chance of ever finding it 
>though.. *sigh* 
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