[Biturbos4] De-carbonization

Adam Schwartz adamdschwartz at comcast.net
Sun Jul 31 11:57:29 EDT 2005

Hi all -
Its been a while since I have written - hope you all are having a GREAT 

So my 00' S4 has almost 85k miles on it - It runs well, no codes, but I 
do notice that my performance isn't as good as it used to be. Slightly 
sluggish, not as snappy, and worse fuel consumption.  Ive checked all 
hoses, and I dont think I have any pressure leaks. Thinking about tune 
up time.  I dont think my plugs were done at 60k - I think they were 
done at 40k - Which I guess means they are due again.

OK - Get to the point...

I have heard about a de-carbonization technique where you run the 
engine on a special fluid which 100% cleans injectors and internal 
valve components and such. What I remember was that doing so may damage 
plugs so its a good idea to do this and then swap them.

It was a long while ago that I read a doc on this technique - and since 
haven't been able to find a "how to".

Any recommendations? Anyone else done this?


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