[Biturbos4] De-carbonization

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Sun Jul 31 23:41:35 EDT 2005

The dealer does this all the time... there's a pressurized setup that you 
hook up to the fuel rail and run the engine off it at around 1300 rpm, with 
the fuel pump fuse pulled.

Afterwards, you replace the oil, spark plugs, and oil filter. They all get 
messed up severely.

Best to leave this to a shop, because the car belts out the most noxious, 
eye-watering smoke during the entire time that it's running off this fluid, 
for about 15 minutes .. and without an exhaust evacuation hose/blower on the 
roof.. you might get the fire department called on you. :P

Plus the pressurized setup costs a lot of money.

Of course, the dealer will charge you a lot to do the spark plugs.. so it's 
a toss-up.

Supposedly the new fluid that's used for this produces less smell and less 
smoke. Give it a try?

Whatever you do, do NOT put it in your fuel tank. And don't hold the 
throttle at anything above 1500 rpm. I use a long broomhandle on the gas 
pedal via the power seat to lock the rpm's in. Fuse to pull is on the far 
left, second from the bottom, in the fusebox. Use a pair of vicegrips to 
pinch the fuel return line to stop this setup from dumping itself all into 
the fuel tank. If you get so far as to get it all hooked up, the rest is 
self explanatory.

- Keman

: Hi all -
: Its been a while since I have written - hope you all are having a GREAT
: summer...
: So my 00' S4 has almost 85k miles on it - It runs well, no codes, but I
: do notice that my performance isn't as good as it used to be. Slightly
: sluggish, not as snappy, and worse fuel consumption.  Ive checked all
: hoses, and I dont think I have any pressure leaks. Thinking about tune
: up time.  I dont think my plugs were done at 60k - I think they were
: done at 40k - Which I guess means they are due again.
: OK - Get to the point...
: I have heard about a de-carbonization technique where you run the
: engine on a special fluid which 100% cleans injectors and internal
: valve components and such. What I remember was that doing so may damage
: plugs so its a good idea to do this and then swap them.
: It was a long while ago that I read a doc on this technique - and since
: haven't been able to find a "how to".
: Any recommendations? Anyone else done this?
: Thanks! 

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