[Biturbos4] Unholy smoke

Chris Newbold chris at localhost.localdomain
Sat Jul 30 18:49:35 EDT 2005

Keman <keman at interwolf.net> writes:

> Any misfire codes? How do the plugs look? PCV system?

So I tore into the upper part of the induction system this afternoon
to see if I could find a likely source of oil. The inlet and outlet
hoses on the driver's side bypass valve were all "fuzzy" with oil, so
I pulled it: there was enough oil to start a small drip. Little sigh
of relief here, since it's clearly coming in through the induction and
not internally.

So with a sizable quantity of oil making it's way through the driver's
side of the induction system, I started dismantling bits of the PCV
system which appear to be plumbed to the driver's side of the Y-pipe.

Bingo. Pulling that connection at the Y-pipe resulted in another
drip-drip of oil. Again, not a flood but what seemed to me like a
significant amount.

I don't really know what these bits are, but I took pictures so
hopefully someone can comment and have some ideas about why oil would
suddenly start getting sucked in this way.

This one here http://www.newbold.org/~chris/pcv-1.jpg shows the
doohicky I disconnected from the Y-pipe (red arrow).

The doohicky above is connected to the thingamibob in this picture
http://www.newbold.org/~chris/pcv-2.jpg, highlighted by the red arrow
on the right. This is down near the firewall, in line with the center
of the V in the block. (The red arrow on the left shows the
[out-of-focus] point where I disconnected the doohicky from the first

This thinamibob has five connections: one to each valve cover; one to
the Y-pipe via the doohicky; one to the underside of the intake
manifold; and one to the block itself.

The thinamibob is also all "fuzzy" with oil residue, so it seems
likely that oil is going in this way...



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