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Sorry about that.. This message came through twice... It was strange, I sent the message and it didnt come through at all.. so I sent a new message... that one went through right away.. This message was from last week. 

I passed on the RS4 look wheels, and I am going with some 18" wheels from Edge Racing. 

Thanks for the comments....

There is a good article on the Ronal website about all isses on wheel fitment...

It is here if you want to see it...



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> Hey all, 
> Ive been thinking about some new wheels for my 00' S4. My Brakes are stock. 
> Audi sells a 17x7.5 RS4 look wheel. I am under the impression these 
> will fit just fine. 
> Anyone know for sure? 
> Thanks, 
> Adam 
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