[Biturbos4] Fuse Box Noise

Quattrofans at aol.com Quattrofans at aol.com
Tue Jun 7 00:39:11 EDT 2005

Hello, new to this list {urq lister} and looking for help. I have an 01 S4 
Avant and have a whining noise coming from the fuse box {this evening}. I found 
the noise to be from the fuel pump fuse {inside the fuse box at the fuse, 
seems strange and never heard of that one before} and it returns when a fuse is 
placed back in it, even with the ignition off and key out. The car has high 
mileage 140k so I'm thinking it's the pump. But not looking forward to removing 
the tank. Has anyone had this happen to them or heard of this? Help would be 
greatly appreciated. I'm at quattrofans at aol.com  for off list. Thanks Todd Ward

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