[Biturbos4] Fuse Box Noise

Quattrofans at aol.com Quattrofans at aol.com
Mon Jun 13 00:16:47 EDT 2005

Hey John, thanks for your reply to possibly one of the weirdest post's ever 
listed. Taking the car to the dealer the buzzing stopped and ESP and ABS lights 
went back to normal. Dealer couldn't get it to reoccur, so we brought it back 
home and as I pulled in the garage it started doing it again. This time I 
could also hear a buzzing from the rear underbody of the car. So I figured it had 
to be the fuel pump in the tank. So I took it back to the dealer and okayed a 
replacement pump. They had to order it no problem. Here's where it gets 
strange, they had to get it from Germany, not a single one in the states. The 
engine is in 3 different cars and nobody stocks a fuel pump for it. So I ended up 
calling DADS dismantling on the West coast and had a used one overnited for a 
total of $190 {Tim is the man there and very knowledgeable about Audis I call 
him for my urq also}. It has cured the problem so far and I even got a warranty 
on it. Sorry so long but it might be useful info for a high mileage biturbo 
car owner. Oh yeah the car is for sale  with a negotiable price she will be 
missed dearly. Thanks Again Todd Ward   PS What do you possibly choose after 
driving an S4 biturbo for almost 4 years, everything we've driven seems more than 
a step down and V8 S4 would kill us in gas{35k a year}. Though one car I saw 
while test driving the owners older A6 was a new Infiniti M45 with 19" factory 
wheels, very impressive and the interior was better than even newer Audi's 
I've seen, and thats the highest praise I can give it. But that's way outta the 
price range, but it's still not an S4 {limited slip front and rear c'mon man}. 
Cheers, Todd

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