[Biturbos4] Strange trip computer glitch

Nicholas Mistry nick at mistry.com
Wed Jun 29 14:26:13 EDT 2005

Actually once,  It actually happened to me while i was on a trip.   I 
was driving from boston -> san antonio, and somewhere in virgina my trip 
computer, trip mileage, and radio reset.   That was at about 12k miles... 

When i reached texas, i took my car to cavender audi service and they 
looked into it but did not find any problems.    

It only happened the one time, and I have not seen the problem since. I 
have 36k on my 2001.5. 

I will note that the one problem that did keep popping up was my radio 
blanking out.    I will be driving along and poof it turns off and back 
on again.   Its not a big deal, unless im listening to a cd in the dash, 
where it restarts playing the cd from the beginning.     Audi has 
replaced Bose head unit 4 times, and i have finaly given up.. 

Funny thing, since I came out of the factory warranty the problem has 


Ti Kan wrote:

>I usually reset all settings in my trip computer each time I fill up,
>so I could keep track of gas mileage, average speed/driving time for
>each tankful, etc.
>Yesterday, when I went to start the car in the morning, I found that
>the trip computer had mysteriously reset itself.  There are no other
>unusual symptoms, the battery is fairly new and appears to be in good
>Has anyone seen this?
>2001.5 S4 biturbo

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