[Biturbos4] Help with a few fault codes

Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Thu Mar 3 22:53:32 EST 2005

Steve and JY,

Thanks for your suggestions, I'll look into it asap.  But like I mentioned in my other post, I may drop by my dealer early next week and see if they can do their thing since my car's still under warranty.  They've been actually fairly good with their work so far.

I'd like to get a VAG-COM too, but I'll have to first get a laptop, which isn't happening anytime soon for someone that's looking for work.  So borrowing one is the best I can do for now!


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From: j y <jimnetpa at yahoo.com>
Date: Thursday, March 3, 2005 4:34 pm
Subject: Re: [Biturbos4] Help with a few fault codes

> Quincy,
> Steve is dead on!
> You have a MAJOR boost leak - u DON'T want to go WOT - under any 
> circumstances - or - u will be buying NEW turbos (I assume that u 
> still have the stock K03s) too. I've had this DTC before - check 
> EVERYTHING that Steve suggested. You will need a lift to inspect 
> lower IC hoses.
> The sluggishness you that u experienced is called "limp mode". The 
> ECU automatically scales back boost to avoid "overboost", as a 
> result, the DTC that u observed is logged. You can clear that code 
> with VAG - but it will imeediately return - unless u fix the 
> problem. This is your car's way of SELF-PROTECTION - be thankful - 
> that Audi built in this fail-safe mechanism. 
> If you don't personally own a VAG - I suggest that u make the $300 
> investment. I did - it has paid off many more times than the 
> price! Now, I have a clue what my S4 is doing from an ECU perspective.
> jy
> Steven Lin <steven at juniper.net> wrote:
> Quincy Chiang writes:
> > Engine
> > 17965 - Charge Pressure Control: Positive Deviation
> > P1557 - 35 - 10 --- Intermittent
> >From the research I did, there are many possible causes. You should
> probably do a visual inspection of the TBB, BPVs, and IC hoses. It
> seems that tears in the TBB or IC hoses can cause this DTC, as 
> well as
> a stuck BPV. A pressure-test of the intake can help find leaks.
> There are instructions on audiworld.com to build one from Home Depot
> parts, or you can buy the kit from awe-tuning.com.
> A bad N75 valve or stuck turbo wastegate were also mentioned as
> possible causes. Even a bad MAF has been blamed.
> Good luck.
> -- 
> Steven
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