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I haven't actually bought the S4 version yet, but the Alldata's TSB's for my
wife's Explorer has twice paid off -- the first time, we were slightly out
of the build range for a transmission TSB so the dealer never checked.  Got
the subscription found the TSB took it to the dealer and they fixed the
problem after about a year of dorking around and not fixing the
problem/can't repro it, blah, blah.

The second time was yesterday.  The truck threw a code and I had the local
CSK store read/reset the code (actually one of the first times I've left
that place happy in the past 5 years or so).  The code was thrown again and
after about 30 seconds on google I found that there was a TSB and renewed
the subscription.  Found out on Alldata that Ford has a customer
satisfaction program to fix the broken part causing this code.  Saved $90 to
read the code and diagnose the problem at the local shop and found the
repair is free!

It costs $25/year, $15 for additional vehicles or renewals.  Both
subscriptions I've paid for have paid off.

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Does anyone have some good recommendations on where to get (or purchase)
TSB's? Specifically I am looking for those that pertain to my MY (A6 2.7t).
I am looking for the recalls, the kinda recalls, and the secret Audi
recommended fixes.

Thanks in advance

Michael Benno
2000 A6 2.7t 6spd MTM1

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