[Biturbos4] Strange noises

ken kgrant kaspgr at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 10 14:20:57 EST 2005

right after my warranty has run out i am hearing and
feeling noises by the fron laft tire.  when i turn the
steering wheel about 30 degrees and move forward the
the wheel jerks quite a bit.  

also if i stop at a light and release the brakes and
the car slowly moves forward if it at an incline i
hear several mettalic thuds.  

when i had my jeep, this happened when the cv boot was

anyone has any idea what it could be?  i know some
have mentioned about the tie-rod not being very
reliable in s4 models.  could this be related to that?
if it is, i sure hope it is not a big ticket repair. 
given that it just came off warranty.  


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