[Biturbos4] Wheels - advice and experience

Charles Wurts cwurts12 at mindspring.com
Sat Mar 12 21:23:49 EST 2005

I have Ronal R-38s in 17x8 et 35 with Nokian NRWs in 225/45/17.   My SO 
bent one rim.  I think they are reasonably strong wheels.  I am amazed 
that you have bent multiple 16 inchers with 55 series tires;  you must 
have some bad roads.  I bought the Ronals specifically because I 
thought they would be strong wheels, and  I think they are compared to 
many others.  The OEM Avus may be a little bit stronger.   FWIW, I 
think the 35 offset makes the car look great as they seem to fit flush 
with the side of the car.  And I can't say enough about how much I have 
enjoyed the Nokians ( the NRW is now the WR.)

On Mar 12, 2005, at 5:57 PM, Grant wrote:

> I'm looking for the group's collective experience with wheels.
> I bought 4 snows and 16"  (16 x 7 x 35 ET) AT Italia S5 wheels from 
> the tire rack, and have bent several of them - while bending only 1 
> original avus wheel.  These things seem to be very weak/soft.  I'm 
> about to throw in the towell and replace them, if I can figure out 
> what is better in the long run.
> I'm curious what experience people have had with other aftermarket or 
> 16" OE (used, presumably) wheels, especially RONALs (which made 
> several of the OE wheels).
> Good/bad.
> Thanks, much.
> Grant
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