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northrup northrup at crazybug.com
Sun Mar 13 09:38:15 EST 2005


I recall reading something about the S4's with aluminum uprights in 
regard to wheels.  Note that i do not recall the source of the 
information, so it should be taken only as a possibility, and not fact.

In any event, IIRC, it went something like this:

Audi used aluminum uprights on the S4, but then there were some broken 
suspension issues.  To resolve this, softer (lighter?) wheels were used 
in  conjunction with the aluminum uprights.   This resulted in many bent 
wheels.   After this Audi essentially threw in the towel.  Aluminum 
uprights were discontinued in favor of a stronger (heavier) setup.  
Stronger (heavier?) wheels were added.  The result: more unsprung weight, 
but less damage.

So, all that means if you are shopping for another set of wheels, you may 
wish to consider the 2001+ variety.   Then again, if your car has aluminum 
upgrights, you may wish to continue with softer wheels! 

Nothing is ever simple in the performance arena. :)


On Sat, 12 Mar 2005, Grant wrote:

> I'm looking for the group's collective experience with wheels.
> I bought 4 snows and 16"  (16 x 7 x 35 ET) AT Italia S5 wheels from the 
> tire rack, and have bent several of them - while bending only 1 
> original avus wheel.  These things seem to be very weak/soft.  I'm 
> about to throw in the towell and replace them, if I can figure out what 
> is better in the long run.
> I'm curious what experience people have had with other aftermarket or 
> 16" OE (used, presumably) wheels, especially RONALs (which made several 
> of the OE wheels).
> Good/bad.
> Thanks, much.
> Grant
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