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Thanks for your help, guys,

I suppose could raise hell with Sears, but I can easily see that as taking
more effort than just doing it myself, which is what I should have done in
the first place.  It was bad enough just getting them to go out to their
battery pile to see if they had disposed of it yet.  

With that in mind, I went out to the car this afternoon to pull the battery
and see what I could find.  This time I noticed a small hole in a rubber
boot that looks like it might what I'm looking for.  Shining a light
underneath the car, I can see that it goes all the way through.  It is on
the drivers side of the battery, just in front of a flexible vent hose that
goes into the dash.  Does this sound familiar?


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If I remember correctly (from last fall), that venting just sort of 
disappears into the nether regions behind and/or below the battery tray.  I,

too, just spliced the new battery's vent to the existing vent line.  I'm 
pretty sure you don't have a prayer of replacing it as OE without at least 
removing the battery.  Any chance of raising hell with Sears?  They clearly 
did it wrong.

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The Diehard has the vent hose that is supposed to attach to the existing
vent line, but the problem is that the existing vent line was removed with
the old battery and not replaced.  What I'm left with is the new battery
vent tube with a plastic adaptor and nothing to connect to.  I called the
local Audi to see if I could order another vent line, and was told that they
had never heard anyone ask for that before.  So I purchased some plastic
tubing to fashion a new one, but it wasn't obvious where it was supposed to
go by looking at it.  I'm just looking for an idea before I get into it.

Thanks for responding.


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