[Biturbos4] 2004 S4; US to Canada

Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Sun Mar 13 23:02:02 EST 2005

Hi Darren

> Hi all, I've been lurking here for a few months now picking up a 
> lot of useful information as I try to locate my next car.
> I do have a few specific questions about importing a car from the 
> US to Canada, so if anyone has gone through this experience 
> recently (I have previously, just with an older model and not an 
> Audi), I'd appreciate your feedback.

I've read/heard that the car must be sold and have been registered in the US for at least a year before you can import in to Canada.  That's from a while ago, don't know if things have changed.

> In particular:
> 1) I'm looking at a 2004 model in New England, has never left the 
> dealer's lot, but was registered as sold last November.  I've 
> heard some stories about manufacturer's not honoring new car 
> warranties when a car crosses the border.  I have spoken with Audi 
> and they are telling me the residual warranty remains in effect.  
> Has anyone had an experience at a dealership level (good or bad) 
> when doing this?

Warranty is North-American wide, except in Mexico I think.  It's all in the owner's manual.

> 2) I'm planning on having someone test drive the car for me, since 
> it is so new, I'm not overly worried, but is there anything I 
> should be on the lookout for with this car?

Yeah, tell you friend not to bag on it if it's brand new, the engine's not broken in yet!

> 3) As with my current car, I assume the fog lights on the S4 are 
> switch activated?  (I need DRL's once I bring the car into Canada, 
> so would just re-wire them to activite with the ignition).

On the B6 cars, DRL is already built in the car, you just need a dealer to activate it using their diagnostic tool, of have someone that has a VAG-COM of a Pro-Diag software (an aftermarket software with cables similar to the dealer's tool) to do it for you.  However, AoA doesn't officially recognize all available but hidden features and functions inside these cars, so sometime dealers may not do these things for you, or charge you for an hour's work when it takes only 5 monutes.


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