[Biturbos4] Quick boost question

Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Thu Mar 17 01:42:48 EST 2005

Hi all,

I know pneumatic boost gauge aren't always accurate, but good enough as an indicator of the general health of the turbo system, plus it looks cool.  I seem to remember I used to see up to 9 psi tapering down to ~8 psi at full boost, but I only got around 6-7 psi while I was experiencing power loss due to that damn boost leak.  

Now that the car's fixed I'm still only seeing 7-8 psi.  Can someone with a boost gauge tell me what you see normally during full boost?

I have an AWE-tuning vent gauge, and I live in Calgary, where its altitide is fairly high.  Thanks in advance!


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